We will tell about Kusatsu Onsen including seasonal topic and new plan and the latest information of Kiyoshigekan.

First snow of the year & golf course closing


It is finally the first snow of the year. It became news, but average year did not have this year, and the first snow of the year was late warmly. The yoyakuno first snow of the year fell last night. As you see we were only piled up slightly and do, though, if probably day comes out...

Dinner at hearth edge


"Dinner at hearth edge" plan revives this year after an interval of four years. Around hearth which built charcoal fire, please have pan and sweetfish grilled with salt of Joshu Mochi pork. As number of hearth is limited, it is offer only for two sets of states a day...

News of roadwork


 Roadwork began in front of this hotel. There is not special problem if you can enter in alley of one this side, but construction guidance signboard of "suspension of traffic appears ahead" from some this side. It may become slightly uneasy, but feels relieved...

The golf accommodation pack end is imminent!


It is "golf & Onsen accommodation pack" having favorable reception, but there are only 1 month left in offer this year, too. As Kusatsu Heights golf course becomes Close on Sunday, next month 25, golf accommodation pack becomes the end automatically, too. Next week 29...

Dinner at hearth edge


 In Kusatsu Onsen, colored leaves around the progress hot-spring resort reach in full bloom in autumn, too. Cooling of morning and evening becomes hard, too. On outing, I would like preparations not to be cold.  By the way, we are absent from offer for several years...

Tea set


It was set of tea break that we prepared for in room, but renewed. We put tea leaves in the teapot and it was form called ..., but there was tea detached room of young person and did in running out of thought tsu tea bag until now. Visitor from foreign country...


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