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Kusatsu Onsen is excellent hot water of the world. Staying in Kusatsu Onsen to Kiyoshigekan!

Accommodation which enjoys Kusatsu Onsen at reserved outdoor bath

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Kusatsu no oyado Kiyoshigekan (we feel Kiyoshige to be)

 It is a 10-minute walk from symbol "Yubatake" of Kusatsu Onsen. Inn nestling on hill which is close to Ootaki no yu and Nettaiken is "Kusatsu no oyado Kiyoshigekan". In environment where the noise of hot-spring resort is quiet incredibly, it is inn which can stop slowly.

 Inside bath of red granite. Outdoor bath which we made with exquisite stone "three stone (sambaseki)" of Gunma. It is family hot water (reservations inside bath) and chartered open-air bath more. As for all the baths of Kiyoshigekan, bathing is possible for 24 hours. Furthermore, at the door to footbath!
 All the baths sprinkle 100% of natural hot springs of Kusatsu and drain.
 We can make family hot water (reservations inside bath) and chartered open-air bath reservations during stay free anytime.
 For OK closed-door from 9:00 at night to 8:00 in the morning in the large communal bath.
 Application and reservation are not necessary for reservations of bath. You lock without the use of other customers, and please enter.
 While being in distance of a 10-minute walk to hot-spring resort, very quiet environment. It is convenient for sightseeing including Ootaki no yu and Nettaiken
  In addition to general accommodation-style with half board, room without meals that only breakfast and meal are not included in at all is possible. In addition, please consult about long-term stay by cooking food for oneself

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Kusatsu Onsen inn diary - Kiyoshigekan Official Blog

Kusatsu Shiga Heights route opening
 Opening of Kusatsu Shiga Heights route (Route 292) of this year is 10:00 a.m. on Friday, April 20.  Because, as for the eruption caution level of this Mt. Shirane, national highway is safe out of caution range in ”2”, but, by thaw and the rain, volcanic ashes might begin to flow on the road, by night (6:00 p.m. - next morning 7:00)...
We started sale of golf pack
Sorry to have kept you waiting very much, everyone. Sale preparations for staying in golf Onsen pack of this year were set.   staying in golf Onsen pack becoming annual every year every year. It is the ninth-year offer in this year if we notice. It is fun for best Onsen and golf course nookakede, really many customers...
The advice of Aobayama
Aobayama slope closed with eruption of this Mt. Shirane on 23rd reopened business yesterday. Skiing area of Kusatsu thinks that downhill ” of large slope ” or ”8Km of ” Tengu is famous. Meanwhile, thin existence of shadow know Aobayama slope a little...
About eruption of Mt. Shirane
It was reported in each media, but there was eruption yesterday in Mount Kusatsu-Shirane (this Mt. Shirane). There is enough distance with the crater and hot-spring resort of Kusatsu Onsen that caused eruption, and there is not influence of cinder and volcanic gas in Kusatsu Onsen, too. In addition, large-scale eruption that damage in hot-spring resort is assumed is concerned about...

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