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Kusatsu Onsen is excellent hot water of the world. Staying in Kusatsu Onsen to Kiyoshigekan!

Kusatsu Onsen open-air bath

Accommodation which enjoys Kusatsu Onsen at reserved outdoor bath

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♪... that cousin 1 degree is in Kusatsu (alleyoop)

♪(korya) flower blooms in hot water (choinachoina)
 ♪Even doctor is hot water of Kusatsu, but (alleyoop)
    Illness that admired (korya) chi ryasenuyo (choinachoina)

 "Kusatsu Onsen" that was sung when we cured all sorts of disease other than the lovesickness
 "Japan's three biggest excellent hot water" is said to be "east yokozuna" and we are high-ranking and are ranked in various Laon, Onsen King in the present age.

 Inn to have you fully enjoy excellent hot water of such Kusatsu Onsen is we "Kusatsu no oyado Kiyoshigekan".
 Open-air bath using colorful mountain wave stone, chartered bath where there is where single life occupies Onsen of Kusatsu by reservations anytime, cool breeze of plateau, please relax in various baths of comfortable footbaths.

Large communal bath

 It is two bathtubs of family bath and open-air bath in large communal bath.
 Both are 100% of temporizing of Kusatsu Onsen.

 As men's and women's bath, anyone can usually take a bath freely. After 9:00 at night, it becomes reserved possible bath and can use as reservations by having you hang exclusive trump card to hand at the time of check-in for rent to doorknob.
 It is comfortable to monopolize big bath!

※When we are assigned to reservations of large communal bath, we explain at the time of check-in in detail.

Reservations of large communal bath
Reserved possible bathroom  Men's bath, ladies' bath
The date and time when reservations are possible  It is 8:00 every day on - next morning at 21:00
Reservations method  We hang exclusive trump card (we distribute at the time of check-in) for rent to doorknob
 Application is not necessary. If there is not the use earlier, you may use by reservations
 We do not accept reservation. Thank you for your understanding
Use of reservations charges  Free of charge
Careful  Please refrain from the use by reservations overtime
 When all baths are reserved, you may have to wait a minute
 We have you consider the use of other customers, and please refrain from private use for long time

Recommendation plan

Pack with lift ticket12:00 check-out plan
List of plansVacancy calendarConfirmation, change, cancellation of reservation

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Reservation, inquiry

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