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Kusatsu Onsen is excellent hot water of the world. Staying in Kusatsu Onsen to Kiyoshigekan!

Kusatsu Onsen access

Accommodation which enjoys Kusatsu Onsen at reserved outdoor bath

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Please be careful on the use by Kusatsu Shiga Heights route

 Section (under an alias: Kusatsu Shiga Heights route) of Kusatsu-machi - Nagano, Yamanouchi-machi of Route 292 may be closed to traffic because of snowfall, icy roads entirely.
 When it is accessed Kusatsu Onsen through Yudanaka Onsen, Shiga Kogen from Joshinetsu Expressway, Nakano IC, after checking vehicle information, please go out with margin at time.
 In addition, we recommend that we have you prepare for safeguard just to make sure. (until about the end of May)

By car

It is example of access route from various quarters.
Root via Karuizawa is regarded as various quarters, too,
Considerable traffic jam is expected for the weekend and the summer high season.
Please go out enough with margin at time.
(it may take at the time of congestion from Karuizawa interchange more than three hours)

From the Tokyo area
Nerima IC
Shibukawa IC Naganohara-machi
Kusatsu Onsen
Kanetsu Expressway
R17, R353, R145

From the Nagoya area
Komaki JCT
Ueda IC Tsumagoi-mura
Kusatsu Onsen
Chuo Expressway, Nagano Expressway
Joshinetsu Expressway / 257km
Prefectural road, R292

From the Niigata area
Niigata west IC
Tsukiyono IC Naganohara-machi
Kusatsu Onsen
Kanetsu Expressway
Akane tunnel, R145

From Hokuriku, the Joetsu area
Joetsu JCTIC
Nakano IC Kusatsu Onsen
Joshinetsu Expressway
R292 (Kusatsu Shiga road)

By train, bus

It is representative route when we used train, bus.
From area except this, it becomes transfer in each station (Omiya, Takasaki, Shibukawa) of Takasaki Line, Joetsu Line
There is bus route from Karuizawa, Yudanaka, too.

JR Ueno Station JR Agatsuma Line
Naganohara-Kusatsuguchi Station
Kusatsu Onsen
Bus terminal
Limited express "Kusatsu"
Approximately two hours 30 minutes
JR bus
Approximately 25 minutes

JR Takasaki Line
Takasaki Station
JR Agatsuma Line
Naganohara-Kusatsuguchi Station
Kusatsu Onsen
Bus terminal
JR Agatsuma Line
Approximately 90 minutes
JR bus
Approximately 25 minutes

The Shinjuku Station new south exit Kusatsu Onsen
Bus terminal
Express bus "Joshu yumeguri"
Approximately four hours 15 minutes

Each down train connects to bus to Kusatsu Onsen at Naganohara-Kusatsuguchi Station.

It is a 10-minute walk than Kusatsu Bus Terminal.
You have you walk, or please use taxi. (there are not pickup and drop-off)

Map in the town block

Way is small, too, and there become many one way roads in Kusatsu-machi, too.
Please be careful about driving of car enough.

Judging from street view [Kusatsu Bus Terminal → Kiyoshigekan]

You can use one coin bus for movement in the town block

From each site in the town the time required to this hotel
  • From bus terminal a 10-minute walk
  • Than Yubatake a 10-minute walk
  • From west riverbank Park a 15-minute walk
  • From exercise tea dealer Park road station car ten minutes
  • From Kusatsu international skiing area, berutsu Onsen center car ten minutes

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